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Assistance for generating sets in Italy and around the world

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The Tessitore family has been operating in the coal and petroleum products sector for urban heating since 1937. Over the years the company has constantly expanded its services, eventually founding the current company name in 1982. TE Tecnologie per l' Energia Srl (TESrl) began by dealing with diesel electric power plants powered by liquid fuels. The company operates with the awareness of carrying out an activity that allows the improvement of the quality of life, mainly in developing


. The staff of TESrl is rigorously selected on the basis of technical preparation, the desire for knowledge, the will to face real problems in the sector, the ability to establish constructive human relationships and above all their ability to bring innovative ideas. TESrl also collaborates with voluntary organizations in African, South American and Southeast Asian countries on pro castings concerning the construction of power plants, but also the involvement and training of

local technicians. ‚ÄčAssistance

at an international level The company TESrl has been an established international point of reference for companies producing power plants for over 40 years, offering services of design, testing, commissioning and related training of personnel on diesel electric power plants, land and

naval.TESrl is a dynamic company that works in the energy field internationally in all countries of the world for the main builders of diesel engines and generators. The company mainly deals with special applications on new and used generators, speed regulators, electromechanical spare parts, including obsolete ones, spare parts for generating sets, gas and diesel engines and related electrical panels. YOU. Tecnologie per l ’Energia


Srl Animated by a total

customer oriented hilosophy, TESrl is able to carry out orders all over the world, including ships and oil platforms, operating in any environmental condition to satisfy the totality of the needs of the customer: on 30 September 1992 he obtained from the Italian Ministry of Defense the NATO constructor code n. A5618. FLYING ENGINEERS works through its

specialized technicians called Flying Engineers,  who intervene on emergency missions in the energy field, inspired by the efficiency and dynamism of the Kenyan flying doctors (Amref).

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