The T.E.Srl philosophy

T.E.Srl is aware of carrying out a useful activity to improve the quality of life, especially in developing countries.The company is attentive to the cultural growth of its employees and to the innovative ideas that they can bring.The staff carefully selected and trained, possesses technical preparation and willingness to know, as well as ability both in dealing with technical issues, both on establishing human relationships built in multi-ethnic and multi-religious environments. T.E.Srl collaborates with voluntary organizations in African countries and South-East Asia and South America (Cape Verde, Cambodia, Brazil), for the construction of power plants, involving and training local technicians.

The international network

T.E. srl has supplied power plants, service and spare parts in the following countries:

  • Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, England, Vatican City, Russia, Kazakhstan,
  • Poland, Croatia
  • Algeria, Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan, Tunisia, Angola, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Egypt, Guinea,
  • Kenya, Libya, Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana, Congo
  • USA, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia
  • U.A.E., Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Syria
  • Pakistan, China, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Burma,
  • Hong Kong, Thailand, Tajikistan, Reunion Islands, New Caledonia
  • Antarctica


T.E. Energy Technologies holds the following certifications:

NATO Manufacturer Certification No A5618, Communication No c/04962/V05618 of 30 September 1992, published by the Italian Ministry of Defence Central Office,, Rome.

ENEA certification and ATHOS database, Protocol No 1499

International export certificate D-U-N-S Number: 428158299.

Certification LEI